Friday, 27 August 2010

The Scottish piper in Italy - uniforms

Some pictures of my uniforms, from which couples can choose for their big day:

Royal Stewart full dress, with a feather bonnet, plaid, horsehair sporran and tartan hose

Italian National Tartan full dress, with a glengarry, plaid, horsehair sporran and spats
Montrose full dress, combines with any tartan, with a montrose jacket, dirk, horsehair sporran and diced hose
Isle of Skye day dress, for Monarch of the Glen fans. With deerskin sporran and tweed Argyll jacket.
Evening dress, combines with any tartan, with Prince Charlie jacket & waistcoat and dress sporran
MacLeod of Harris Medieval Highland dress, with Feileadh Mhor, leather armour and dirk
19th century piper, with goatskin sporran, early feather bonnet and cape

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